Open Position: Digital Media Director - JNS Next

Want to join our talented team of marketing professionals? We are looking for a dynamic person to fill the role of Digital Media Director. If you know someone, or think you might be a good fit, get in touch with us today! See below for a description of the role.

Digital Media Director

  • 5+ years experience in digital marketing
  • Strong understanding of digital marketing, email and content marketing, programmatic, Google Search, social media and the evolving digital landscape
  • Strong understanding of OTAs
  • Understanding of the travel and tourism industry
  • Strong ability to analyze and create data and reports, insights and optimizations
  • Strong ability to create digital marketing strategy and reach goals/KPIs
  • Understanding of KPIs and goals including brand lift, optimizations, CTR, VCR, impressions, arrivals, etc.
  • Ability to lead a team
  • Ability to collaborate across departments
  • Ability to manage budgets and a media plan
  • Travel 3-4x per year
  • $100k-$115k per year DOE
  • 401k, Healthcare, Vacation Time benefits
  • Remote work possible
  • Start date: ASAP



Detailed Job Description

The Digital Media Director plays a crucial role in helping clients reach their targeted audiences effectively through various media channels. This requires a combination of strategic thinking, data analysis, leadership and a deep understanding of the advertising industry. You are responsible for the entire media lifecycle, from developing strategies and negotiating with vendors to overseeing campaign execution and analyzing results.

Reports to: David Wells, SVP of Marketing

Team Leadership

  • Oversee and supervise a team of media planners, buyers, and analysis (Reporting & Analytics).
  • Provide guidance, set performance targets and ensure the team is working cohesively together to deliver successful campaigns
  • Collaborate with SVP of Marketing, Account Management team, and key team members on all correspondence so they are in the loop.
  • Recommend client teams for digital roles and responsibilities

Client Management

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients
  • Understand the clients goals and ensure media strategies meet their needs
  • Provide regular updates and monthly reports on performance

Media Strategy & Planning

  • Develop and implement media strategies that align with the overall client strategy and briefs
  • This includes selecting the right media channels / tactics and determining the best timing and placement for them
  • Work with SVP of Marketing & Account Managers in partnership when needed
  • Develop comprehensive media strategies that align with client objectives and target audience demographics
  • Conduct in-depth market research and analysis to identify the most effective media channels and platforms (traditional and digital)

Media Buying

  • Oversee, Negotiate, purchase and sign I/O’s for media space/ tactics for media buys
  • Secure the best rates and placements to achieve the highest return on investment for each client

Campaign Analysis and Optimization

  • Continuously monitor and analyze client campaigns and buys
  • Adjust media placements as needed to optimize results
  • Use data and analytics to make the best informed decisions

Reporting and Analytics / Performance Analysis

  • Oversee monthly reports for clients highlighting KPI’s and the effectiveness of their media campaigns
  • Use the data to make recommendations for improvements
  • Responsible for measuring and analyzing the effectiveness of all campaigns (in collaboration with SVP of Marketing)
  • Develop KPI’s and make data-driven recommendations for improvements

Market Research

  • Stay up to date on industry trends, market conditions, and audience behavior
  • Use market research and data analysis to make informed decisions on media placements and timing
  • Stay current with emerging media trends, technologies, and platforms
  • Evaluate their potential for client campaigns and propose innovative strategies

Budget Management

  • Manage and allocate budgets effectively to maximize the impact of advertising campaigns
  • Monitor spending and be sure it stays within the allocated budget

Vendor Relationships

  • Maintain relationships with media vendors, publishers, and platforms
  • This includes negotiating contracts, securing preferred placement, and staying informed about new advertising opportunities
  • Make yourself available for vendor calls as needed

Creative Collaboration

  • Work closely with the creative team to ensure that the media strategy/ buys align with the creative concepts and messaging of the advertising campaigns

New Business Development

  • Contribute to the agencies growth by participating in new business pitches and proposals
  • Present the agencies media capabilities and strategies to potential clients


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