Alissa Meagher - JNS Next

Alissa joins JNS Next with six years of video production experience in Los Angeles, and nearly a year of brand marketing  experience at Visit Greater Palm Springs. Originally from Orange County, she grew up visiting the desert, but she moved here in 2020 with a desire to focus on creative content and visual storytelling. Alissa has a lifelong passion for writing, from carrying notebooks around everywhere as a child to being an intern at The Orange County Register to being editor of her high school newspaper. Throughout college and her early career, she fell in love with the visual aspect of storytelling, by obtaining a degree in Television-Radio-Film at Syracuse University, and then working on animated movies and television shows at Adult Swim, Sony Animation, and more.

Alissa bring her talents to the JNS team by creating, proofreading, and writing social media content, as well as brainstorming, editing and producing branded videos for clients. She continues to expand her marketing knowledge and she prides herself on being a quick learner and a versatile team player. Besides creating, her other passions include family (including her dog and cat), hiking, camping, traveling, DJing and attending way too many concerts.

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” – Albert Einstein