Digital Marketing Trends for 2021 and Beyond - JNS Next

In today’s society, digital marketing is a revolving door. There are so many digital marketing trends around today, that it is almost impossible to cover them all. Therefore, we are looking at 6 trends that any business should take advantage of as we shift into 2021.

  • 2021 is the year of voice strategy
    • When searching the web most users rely on the search engines to do the work. This year, people will be using voice searches on their smartphone, tablets, and voice assistants. This means it is essential to optimize content for voice search! “Hey Alexa, find me a plumber.” “Hey Siri, where is a good Italian restaurant near me?”


  • Mobile friendly websites are a MUST
    • Without a mobile friendly website and a fast hosting server, you will loose a significant number of organic searches and have a high bounce rate. And guess what, we have already implemented this on ALL of our clients! Today, there are more mobile and tablet users on websites than there are on desktop.


  • More messaging applications are being developed
    • As the use for more social media messenger platforms increases so can the customer experience. By using chatbots, businesses can have relevant and personalized information to help customer conversions.


  • Video and story content are still on the rise
    • Video content and stories (both Instagram and Facebook) have been holding a high status for a significant amount of time and will hold its reign coming into the new year. The ‘swipe up’ feature for Instagram stories for approved accounts generates great traffic to your website.


  • Influencers
    • Have you been interested in using an influencer but do not have the monetary means to do so? Start by using a micro-influencer which will increase your chances of higher engagement! Think of creative ways to host them, or give them a product complimentary in return for their posts. Be sure to have custom URLs or codes so you can track sales or website clicks.


  • Gen Z is up and coming
    • Unlike generations before, Gen Z (ages 5-24) has grown up using social media. Thus, it is worth understanding this new target market to incorporate them into your strategy. “Mom…Dad… take me to my favorite place!”

As you plan your digital marketing plan for the coming year, consider how you can implement some or all of these trends in your online strategy. But remember — it doesn’t make sense to jump on the latest marketing trend without first having a strategy in place.