Social Media Marketing On A Budget - JNS Next

Every action you take on social media should be driven by a marketing strategy. When you are on a budget it is important to plan ahead of time and track your progress to make sure you are spending wisely.

Luckily for businesses, social media networks have evolved since they were first created. Beginning as platforms where you meet new friends, to now in 2021, a business hub – a way to promote brand awareness, share blog posts, encourage user content, and increase income or sales.

Below are four tips that will help increase your social media engagement and presence on a tight budget.

1. Define your target audience.

 Regardless of the size of your business, before you invest money, time, and resources on social media it is imperative that you define your target audience. Defining your target market enables you to create the right content for your audience and understand how to connect with them. Once you have insight on your target audience you can then continue to develop it while increasing brand awareness, reputation, and driving conversions.

2. Use the right social media platform.

When it comes to social media, every channel has its own established reputation – and they expect users and advertisers to approach their platform in a similar manner. When it comes to establishing which social media platform to use it is important to use platforms that will benefit your business focusing on quality over quantity. There’s no single, universal “best social media channel,” however, there is the right one for your type of business and consumer. Just understand how each one works, which will help you maximize your presence on social media. Check out the graphic below!

3. Remain User Friendly.

Being user friendly is what will set you apart from your competitors. Make sure you are relevant, visually appealing, clear and concise, and always include a call to action. When you advertise on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, a value proposition is what motivates the user to click on your ad or post.

4. Develop different types of content, then track your performance. 

When writing content for your business it should always do one of the following four things: entertain, convert, inspire, or educate. While creating content you also want to make sure to tailor your social media content for each platform, whether it is incorporating a #hastag, including a website link or using a visual image. It is essential to take the extra steps and analyze your past posts which can help you find the best time to share content and understand what content drives the best results.

Use these four tactics above to get the best results from your social media marketing budget.