Visit Palm Springs Campaign Video - JNS Next

JNS Next was charged with creating a new, epic brand video for Visit Palm Springs, refining and expanding upon the Hello Palm Springs campaign created in 2020. Our goal was to showcase the energy of Palm Springs and reintroduce the destination to eager travelers. The team used a variety of creative shots to piece together a storyline of a trip to the destination. During the pre-production process, JNS Next created storyboards, and detailed shot lists, secured talent, shoot locations, props, and more. Now armed with hours and hours of footage, JNS Next has created several video vignettes featuring different pillars and demographics of travelers and will continue to create video content throughout the year.

With a nod to historic traditions and mid-century modern style, the images and video content pay homage to the businesses and people who make Palm Springs a great place to live and visit. Featuring an array of activities including hiking, dining, shopping, pools, nightlife, and art, the campaign interweaves a diverse cast of real people who vacation in Palm Springs.

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