Designing the Perfect Holiday Card - JNS Next

The fundamentals of design remain the same, whether it be a spread for People Magazine or a personalized card for the holidays.  Before you even begin conceptualizing a look, feel or message, you need to ask yourself, who is this intended for and what emotion do I want to elicit in the person or people receiving it? Is this piece intended for mass distribution, or are you looking to touch each person individually?

Most people who take the time to handpick a holiday card or those who opt to customize a card for their friends and loved ones, aspire to incorporate a personal touch.

In order to achieve that, there are a few key factors to consider.

  1. Are you more quirky or traditional? If you are going the Shutterfly route, you have dozens of silhouettes, backgrounds and finishes to consider. You can order the default 4” x 6” card which tends to be the most economical, or you can pay a little more and select a more original shape (a circle or scalloped layout) that will make your card stand out among the rest.
  2. If you really want to be original, you can also choose a less traditional color scheme, veering away from the greens and reds. You can also accomplish a similar effect with traditional colors, but going a more unique route with bold graphics (abstract shapes or a really funky font) to add an interesting twist. You can also pull in some accent colors, or even throw in a black and white contrast, to add an unexpected pop of color.
  3. Words are the heart and soul of a card. Make sure not to be too longwinded, and try to be as thoughtful as you can with the message.
  4. The finish of the card (how it feels to the touch) is also an element that is important to consider. You can go with a matted finish for a more sophisticated look, or perhaps your design warrants a high gloss look to make the colors stand out more. Glitter and other embellishments also add a more handcrafted/homemade look, if that is what you are aspiring for.

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