What are Facebook Instant Experience Ads? - JNS Next

Instant Experience: A social media advertisement; but one that you can interact with. Formerly known as Canvas ads, Instant Experiences offer a unique twist on traditional social media marketing in which they allow viewers to receive a website-like experience without ever leaving Facebook. Whether you want to showcase new products or tell a story, these ads allow you to convey multiple ideas in a clean, simple and immersive way. 

Facebook allows you to choose from five different templates or design your own. When creating a personal template, you can include images, videos, carousels, form fill outs, multiple website links and more. Instant Experiences are a great digital marketing strategy to use regardless of the objective you’re trying to accomplish. If you are looking to spark engagement, sell a particular product, produce website traffic or increase overall brand awareness, this interactive tool can deliver real results for your business.


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