Planning Your Virtual Presence - JNS Next

Usually around this time of year, the JNS Next team is gathering loads of business cards, collateral material and our branded trade show booth backdrops in preparation for the CalTravel Summit. We look forward to this conference every year (in addition to several others) because we benefit hearing firsthand from leaders in the tourism industry, it gives us the opportunity to network in person with peers and potential clients, and the backdrop is always stunning! Plus, our President and CEO sits on the Board which makes our involvement all the more essential.

Over the past year, these conferences have all taken on a different dynamic, as has the way we conduct business in general. Preparation for this year’s virtual conference looked a lot different for us. I had the pleasure of spearheading our virtual exhibitor booth, which required careful planning in order to represent JNS Next in the best light. The biggest challenge was working with very limited formatting options and emphasizing the right information about our agency to help us stand out. With the absence of color, font selections and imagery for our content, being strategic with our positioning statement was critical as ever. The truth is, most people won’t consume extensive amounts of copy, so short, sweet and targeted while staying true to our core values and unique positioning is what I went for. I believe having a virtual presence is here to stay to some degree, so embrace it and figure out the best way to stand out and not get lost in the virtual shuffle. If you need any tips, drop us a note!