Visit Palm Springs Launches ‘How do you Palm Springs?’ Campaign - JNS Next

Over the past few months, JNS Next has worked with the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism (Visit Palm Springs) to evolve its successful “Hello Palm Springs” marketing campaign, that was developed for COVID-19 recovery and beyond. Chapter 2 of this brand campaign explores the evolution from a fun introduction of the destination by saying “Hello,” to a more action-oriented invitation, and asking viewers the question, “How do you Palm Springs?”

Knowing that everyone experiences a destination differently, and in their own way, the campaign showcases the unique offerings, cultures, and experiences in Palm Springs. It’s the original and ultimate desert playground for outdoor adventure, arts and culture, or just to getaway. Fun-loving, sun-worshiping, retro-adoring, open-minded, and always active—visitors and locals of Palm Springs are a kaleidoscope of ages, cultures, and social groups from around the world—here to escape or be a part of the coolest party around. Locals cultivate desert modern style in the original spirit of Palm Springs ensuring that the downtown, canyons, and com­munity thrive.

“The Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism is proud of this new campaign and had a great time working alongside the creative team at JNS Next,” said Kimber Foster, Director of Palm Springs Tourism. “The colors and photography perfectly encapsulate the Palm Springs vibe and we look forward to potential and past visitors as well as locals sharing stories about how they do Palm Springs!”

Utilizing destination research and data on visitor trends, the campaign focuses on targeted personas fitting visitor profiles in the key drive and fly markets to the destination. Beginning with creative brainstorming sessions with the client, the creative team went through a rigorous process to evolve the campaign, from visuals, to messaging and design. The campaign features bold/vibrant color gradients, pulling from hues found around the city in landscapes, architecture, art, and fashion. These pops of color complement lively imagery of visitors experiencing some of Palm Springs’ most beloved places, as well as a few new favorite locales.

Describing a place is not only what it looks like, but what you do while you’re there. If recent society has taught us anything, it’s more fun when you can take something and make it your own. Which leads us to believe, “Seeing a place can be a thrill. Doing a place can be a real trip.” And that’s the beauty of it. No matter how fun or outrageous your travels are , How you “do” that place is what makes it shine, and your experience one-of-a-kind. For decades, this trendsetting and iconic city has encouraged visitors to do Palm Springs their way. To be like no place else is to do Palm Springs like no one else.

JNS Next has completed a full brand book highlighting the color palette, fonts, image styles, storytelling messaging, campaign sub headlines and more. The campaign launched in San Francisco, showcasing sunshine and aspirational experiences across billboards, BART car posters, digital and social media, and includes a contest giveaway. The campaign will run through summer and fall, with a strategic media plan focused on geotargeting key markets.

“We are thrilled with the results of this creative process to evolve the campaign for Palm Springs,” said David Wells, Senior Vice President of Marketing at JNS Next. “We had a really collaborative and creative team come together for the task alongside the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism. We can’t wait to see how everyone embraces and shares their unique stories of Palm Springs as a verb.”

The campaign will also be implemented and featured on and across all communications tactics.

How do you Palm Springs