Augustine Casino Campaign Overview 2020 - JNS Next


Our integrated strategy through media buying and advertising was focused on attracting residents throughout the Coachella Valley with targeted communications in both English and Spanish via television, radio, digital, out-of-home and print.

In 2019, we shifted a large percentage of the advertising budget away from traditional and into digital media because of the precision in targetability and analytical data we were able to extract from those campaigns. Our aggressive approach included Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Programmatic and Remarketing Display Advertising, Pre-Roll Video, Social Media Advertising, OTT/CTV, Digital Addressable, and Variable Content Email Marketing. The objective was to achieve a level of saturation that would move Augustine Casino to top of mind for gaming and dining among locals, and visitors from our drive markets.

The heavier investment in digital strategies in 2019 propelled one of the best 4th Quarters and second-best year on record for Augustine Casino.


Despite a slight overall decrease in 2019’s marketing budget from the previous year and a slow summer, the heavier investment in digital strategies ignited additional growth and one of the best 4th Quarters and second-best year on record for Augustine Casino.

Additional services provided for Augustine Casino include:

  • strategic development
  • creative concept/design
  • media planning & execution
  • photo & video development
  • website design & development
  • research & content development
  • public/community relations
  • social media strategy & management

“We have worked with JNS for four years and it’s been a great partnership. They’ve helped us remain at the forefront of digital innovation with our communication and engagement strategies while staying true to our humble brand identity. We can always count on Garry and his team to be there for us when we need them the most, whether that be over a weekend or during a pandemic. Garry operates his business with integrity and kindness, and that trickles down to everything his team touches. “


Lindsay Grant, Marketing Director, Augustine Casino

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