Digital Marketing Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers - JNS Next

As Leeds & Son’s digital marketing partner, JNS Next was retained to evaluate and enhance their digital strategies and results. Tactics include Search Engine Marketing (SEM) on Google, and Programmatic Display and Video ads though JNS Next’s proprietary Demand Side Platform (DSP) on a variety of websites.

With a budget 25% lower than the previous year, JNS Next was able to generate 493% more impressions and 33% more clicks to the client’s website.


The campaigns showed strong performance after only two months post launch. The SEM campaign over tripled the industry benchmark for a CTR of 2% generating a 6.7% CTR and over 6,000 impressions and 400 clicks to the website. Display and Video also performed well with Retargeting generating a CTR of 0.16% and Video/CTV generating a CTR of between 0.15% – 0.27% (all above benchmark of 0.10%). With a lower budget than the previous year (25% less) JNS Next’s campaign generated 493% more impressions and 33% more clicks to the client’s website year over year.

Additional services provided for Leeds & Son Fine Jewelers include:

  • strategic development
  • co-op campaign management
  • monthly analytics & recommendations

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