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JNS Next began a partnership with the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism in 2009. The partnership has grown exponentially over the past ten years, responding to changes in the media space. JNS Next recently developed a marketing campaign for a post-COVID-19 launch. The focus will include the drive market, with specific messaging targeting 4 different personas identified through extensive research. JNS Next was tasked to develop brand messaging, design and a strategic marketing plan, as well as execution to reach consumers. After the research phase, JNS Next developed mood boards and campaign concepts prior to implementation across all channels. The final step was a brand campaign book, and implementation across partner materials. The campaign is being implemented across all communications channels including print, digital, billboard, television, social media, website and more.

Through carefully crafted words and bold visuals, we launched the Hello Palm Springs Campaign Concept where we tapped into what people really want at the moment (whether it’s escape, pleasure, fun or sun) while showcasing Palm Springs as the answer to that desire. Utilizing destination research and data on visitor trends, the campaign is focused on four targeted personas fitting visitor profiles in the drive market. This campaign took a fun and fresh approach through a medley of bold visual statements, and JNS Next carried it through a multitude of platforms, including social media.

Delivering 16 million impressions to key markets and 37,534 clicks to the website in the first 7 months


The destination’s campaign launched in June 2020, targeting the drive market consumers, and expanding to flight markets in late 2020/early 2021. Since June, the advertising campaign has served over 16 million impressions to key markets and 37,534 clicks to the website (this is a .23% CTR, well above the tourism industry benchmarks). JNS Next also took over all social media content management and advertising and has grown the channels by over 15,000 followers in the first 7 months.

Additional services provided for Visit Palm Springs included:

  • campaign design and strategy
  • persona development
  • research
  • media strategy and execution
  • social media
  • budget planning
  • photo shoot
  • video editing

“We have worked with JNS Next for the past 12 years and have developed a great partnership. They are prompt, courteous, and have been a great resource for developing and executing media buying strategies based on our unique needs. They have expanded their services over the years which has made them a full-service agency. JNS Next treats their clients and each other like family.

– Kara Walker, Marketing Director, Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism

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