Marketing Strategy, Part 2 - JNS Next

This blog is a continuation of the blog post “Planning Your Marketing Strategy.” See here for part 1… and don’t forget that I have a brewery in Palm Springs as my examples.

Step 4: Identify key messages.
Your key messaging is like your advertising statements. Who are you and what do you offer? Key messaging should be targeted to your primary stakeholders listed in step 2, and help you reach the goals you identified in the previous step.

“David’s brewery is a top brewery in the Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley, with 12 different beers on tap in a unique and fun lounge-style taproom.”

Step 5: Identify your tools and tactics.
In order to reach goals and objectives, your business or organization must take actionable steps towards reaching your target audience. Your marketing tools and tactics might include enhancing or reworking your brand, marketing collateral, advertising, website, email newsletters, social media, videos, public relations, or partnerships. Your tactics might also be creating different or new experiences, or (re)training your staff or volunteers.

This is the meat of your marketing strategy, the fun and creative part, and definitely where JNS Next shines. Our agency spends diligent time coming up with unique solutions and tactics to help your business grow. Our creativity and knowledge of advertising and marketing solutions and desire to come up with unique ways that set your business apart from your competitors is second to none. Sometimes, businesses need to remember, you do not “buy advertising” but rather “buy access to the audience.” Just because an advertising opportunity has a large reach of people, unless that demographic is your target audience, it is not a viable advertising opportunity for your business.

Your tools and tactics can also be broken out into phases. If you don’t feel like you have the capacity to change everything at once (let’s be honest, who does?!), start with tactics you see as more manageable that may send your business in the right direction; just start somewhere. JNS Next will be right beside you to guide you through these tools and tactics, serving as an extension of your team, executing your vision to completion.

Almost done…

Step 6: Timeline and Performance Measurement
Knowing you may have a daunting task, or a lengthy list of tools and tactics you want to explore, creating a timeline will help you stay on track. Set a calendar for the next 6-12 months of what aspects of your marketing strategy you want to accomplish.

Finally, measure your performance of key metrics you want to base your success on. Whether it’s the number of attendees to an event, social media followers, website visits, sales, hotel rooms booked or impressions, there are endless metrics to measure your success. Decide which numbers are most important to you and your organization, board of directors, investors, or team.

As I said, you may be thinking that coming up with a marketing strategy for your business or organization is a daunting task. Yes, that’s true. But JNS Next is here to help, guide and raise the bar for your business or organization. Let’s create your marketing strategy together. And let’s have a beer at my brewery…