Hire an Agency, or Go Direct? - JNS Next

This is a conundrum that business owners and marketing decision makers regularly face, especially as they get bombarded with phone calls from advertising sales representatives pitching their services and products. As an advertising agency faced with this question countless times, we want to take the time to address the benefits of handing over the brunt of planning, execution and analysis to a team of marketing specialists specifically appointed to you.

  1. A traditional advertising agency is comprised of specialists that are intimately familiar with the full gamut of advertising products and trends. Part of an agency’s job is to take on hours-long meetings with advertising reps and marketing vendors, learning about specialty products, audience composition and how well each aligns with your product, service or experience. The agency’s responsibility is to consider all opportunities, and provide non-biased recommendations based on your goals and budget.
  2. An agency is adept at developing fully integrated, strategic marketing plans devised to accomplish your organization’s marketing goals. During the strategic planning process, the agency will capture an overall snapshot of your business, then will phase out an action plan based on specific, predetermined objectives and goals. Adhering to a strategic marketing and advertising plan will help your business better reach its goals, than if you piece-meal a plan together with one-off projects and efforts.
  3. An agency’s buying power will amplify their client’s advertising dollars. You can look at it from the perspective of buying wholesale as a business versus buying retail as a consumer. Because of an agency’s buying power, they are able to negotiate a greater reach in terms of number of spots run in traditional media, deeply discounted rates for print media, additional impressions on the digital side, and countless added value opportunities at no additional cost. These benefits are afforded directly to clients of agencies.
  4. The value of time is a huge one for businesses, specifically those who don’t have a marketing specialist in house. The purpose of an advertising and marketing agency is to act as an extension of your team – providing a specialized service that can be overwhelming and extremely time consuming for a business.

If you haven’t tried the agency route or haven’t maximized your relationship with your team, now is the time to have those discussions. Contact JNS Next and let’s take your business up a notch in 2020!

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