Execute Business Resolutions in your 2020 Game Plan - JNS Next

Typically, ringing in the new year means thinking about your new year’s resolutions. I’m sure that as a business owner or primary decision maker, you can relate. For successful goal setting, it’s important to look at the past year’s achievements in order to set new goals for the work environment. Take time to reflect on how to incorporate some important business resolutions for success this upcoming year.

Below are some resolutions you might want to consider helping grow your business in 2020.

Resolution #1- Establish your Social Media Presence

Creating a social media profile for an individual isn’t the same as creating one for your business. Establishing the right type of social media presence for your business is essential, especially when it comes to dialing in your company’s voice and carefully crafting messages with a specific goal in mind. Certain tactics can be employed to help drive brand awareness and traffic to your website through the variety of digital platforms made available to businesses.

Resolution #2- Test and Track Your Digital Efforts

When initiating a marketing plan, it’s important to consider the full gamut of marketing platforms available to you ranging from digital to traditional. Before you determine which outlets to work into your plan, it is important to research and analyze how your target market is consuming data. If you relay the right message on the right platform, you will note an uptick in engagement which should in turn, propel more traffic toward your business. Monitoring how people receive and process your marketing message will supply insight allowing you to dial in your marketing strategies even better. Take a look at this blog post about the importance of a marketing strategy.

Resolution #3 – Re-establish the Customer Experience

A positive customer experience is critical to the success of a business regardless of the industry you are in. With technology at the centerpiece of communication, we must be mindful of not losing sight of personal interactions. Staying connected with your client on a regular basis is crucial because it helps improve their overall experience and it rein-forces the sense of partnership. Your goal, as it is ours, is to build and sustain long standing relationships built on trust that will yield the best results.

Resolution #4 – Humanize the Message

It is important nowadays that customers connect with you on a personal level which al-lows them to feel more comfortable interacting with your business. Social media should be used as a dialogue with your customers and is not meant to be a one-way channel of communication.

You should also be mindful of the tone you take with your posts. If you are in a highly professional or technical industry, using an authoritative tone may make the most sense for the sake of credibility. If you are in a creative industry or posting about a lighthearted topic, you may choose to incorporate a more humorous voice. Make sure that the content you put out there aligns with your brand mission and is relatable to your audience. Check out this blog on the best ways to use social media for your business.


If marketing help is at the top of your new year’s resolutions list for your business, look no further than JNS Next. Wishing you happiness and a prosperous year.