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Considered by many to be the Gem of California’s Desert, the city of La Quinta was losing market share within the tourism sector because many non-locals assumed the city was an actual hotel, namely because of the La Quinta Resort & Club that resides within the City. The City’s objective was to refine their brand identity and develop a cohesive advertising campaign to convey the attributes that make La Quinta a premier destination for travelers.

As part of this concerted effort, JNS Next designed and developed a new website featuring splashy photography, big, bold fonts and graphics, and a maximized interface/user experience (UI/UX) to appeal to both residents and tourists of the City. The innovative website automatically populates content from the City’s social media handles to consistently keep content fresh and varied on the website.

The new website resulted in an increase of 16% in number of users, 20% more in pageviews and 20% longer time spent on site.


Year over year, there has been a steady increase in clicks and engagements on the digital advertising side, stronger attendance at signature events within the city and more press garnered through local media. The new website resulted in an increase of 16% in number of users, 20% more in pageviews and 20% longer time spent on site. Google analytics also showed an increase of site visitors from drive and fly markets that were targeted.

Additional services provided for the city of La Quinta included:

  • strategic development
  • media plan development & execution
  • creative concept/design
  • style guide development
  • social media campaign design & strategy
  • content strategy & development
  • public relations services
  • video & photo development
  • monthly analytics
  • annual report

“I have been working with JNS Next for about 7 years and have constantly been supported by them for longer. I have watched the team grow and every person added to this team fits perfectly and serves a purpose for their clients. Whether our budget is large or small, the level of customer service is always on par. Garry and Judy continue to engage and invest in their clients, their team and vendors. They have completely changed the dynamic of what an agency is. They have trained their staff to care about clients on a whole other level. They go the extra mile and when needed most, they step up. That is something that continues to impress me as every year passes. No matter the situation, I feel supported…even when outside of their scope, they take care of me. Having them as my agency, as my team, allows me to continue to grow in my marketing strategies and goals consistently.”

– Marcie Graham, Marketing and Communications Manager, City of La Quinta

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