Visit Palm Springs Launches ‘Hello’ Campaign - JNS Next

Over the past few months, JNS Next has been working hard alongside the Palm Springs Bureau of Tourism (Visit Palm Springs) to plan and execute a marketing campaign focused on COVID-19 recovery and beyond. Utilizing destination research and data on visitor trends, the campaign focuses on four targeted personas fitting visitor profiles in the drive market. The campaign, titled ‘Hello, Palm Springs,’ takes a fun and fresh approach through a medley of bold visual statements, including: exaggerated, vibrant pops of color, imagery showcasing candid moments in open spaces as well as iconic Palm Springs features, and sharp, graphic overlays utilized to add dimension, strength and focus to the overall ad composition.

‘Hello, Palm Springs’ serves as the dominant campaign message with ancillary messages aimed at targeted personas such as ‘hello, poolside,’ ‘hello, sunshine,’ and ‘hello, open road.’

This campaign describes Palm Springs as a safe and fun travel destination that has wide open spaces and dramatic views to juxtapose the time people have recently spent indoors. True to the Palm Springs brand, it includes vibrant colors, is light, energetic, and slightly nostalgic to complement our retro vibe. Palm Springs is a great destination choice now, just as it has always been.

JNS Next completed a full brand book highlighting the color palette, fonts, image styles, storytelling messaging, campaign sub headlines and more. The strategic media plan kicked off mid-June and focuses on digital advertising geotargeting Southern California and the drive markets. These banner ads are served via online websites based on visitor behavioral information on websites such as Conde Nast Traveler, Travel + Leisure, LA Times, social media platforms and more.

The campaign will be implemented and showcased across, which will emerge with a new look in mid-July.

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