Augustine Casino

Located in Coachella, California, since 2002 Augustine Casino has been an evolving economic force and important employer in the community. The property’s mission was to grow the business in an area with numerous other competitive casinos. The lack of an on-site hotel limited the casino’s reach for customers, requiring that we focus on locals and in-market visitors.


Media Buying & Strategy | Graphic Design | SEO/SEM | Digital Advertising | Email Marketing | Video and Photography | Website Design and Development | Social Media | Marketing Collateral Design


Implement a campaign plan that featured television, radio, digital, out-of-home and print initiatives. The digital campaign relied heavily on an aggressive approach for Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Programmatic and Remarketing Display Advertising, Pre-Roll Video, Social Media Advertising, and Variable Content Email Marketing. Our plan targeted the drive markets to achieve saturation that would consistently and reliably move Augustine Casino to top of mind for gaming and dining.


Augustine Casino invested heavily in advertising dollars, which resulted in a remarkable ROI. They set new monthly records for profits in 10 of the 12 months throughout 2018, delivering the best year to date. This has enabled the casino to steadily and profoundly build its brand while securing its place as a preferred attraction that has indeed become the “local’s choice.”

Augustine Casino has enjoyed a significant increase in website traffic: users increasing 16.26%, sessions increasing 19.78% and page views increasing 11.84% year over year. Email engagement also significantly outperformed the industry average for gambling with a 30.08% open rate (9.1% industry average) and 20.07% click-through rate (1.1% industry average). The social media advertising campaigns generate a cost-per-result less than half the platform standard of $0.20 with a CPR of $0.08. The casino also experienced higher than average new membership registrations as well as an increase in restaurant diners.

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