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As a regional, not for profit chamber serving diverse business communities within a nearly forty-five-mile span, The Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce (GCVCC) needed a website to help them better fulfill their mission. Their purpose is to act as a catalyst, convener and champion for nearly half a million year-round residents and over a million visitors on behalf of all of the local businesses they assist.

JNS Next was hired to design and develop the GCVCC’s new website to help maximize the user interface/user experience (UI/UX). The process began with static comps in the creative design phase, then transitioned to templates for all device sizes (desktop, tablet, and mobile) as well as for the home page, internal pages, unique chamber pages (for the individual cities/organizations under the Chamber’s umbrella), and events. Built on WordPress, the website was designed using a Page Builder function to make it easier to manage content on the back end of the website.

Performance dramatically increased upon launch of the new website.


Data below shows progress for only the first two months post launch.

YOY (compared to non Covid-19 time period)

  • Users up 33.31%
  • New Users up 39.53%
  • Sessions up 26.41%
  • Pageviews up 5.93%
  • Organic Search Acquisition up 21.35%

MOM (compared to two months prior website launch within 2020 during Covid-19 period)

  • Users up 41.19%
  • New Users up 45.22%
  • Sessions up 42.07%
  • Pageviews up 29.40%
  • Organic Search Acquisition up 20.98%

“Working with JNS Next has been a great process for building our new website. We knew with having such a content heavy site, it would be a challenge to not only migrate over everything, but also create a clean and simple way for our members and our community to access the information they’re looking for. We have also seen a big boost in our website traffic since the launch of our new site. From design to development, JNS Next kept us engaged, informed and created a great process that I would recommend.”

– Brandon Marley, Director of Communications and Public Outreach, Greater Coachella Valley Chamber of Commerce

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