Website Design & Development - Synergy IS - JNS Next

JNS Next launched a new website for Synergy Information Solution (SIS) in August 2019. Their old website was outdated, not mobile friendly, and did not have historical analytics to compare to. As a leader in the Gaming IT Industry, their website did not reflect their expertise and capabilities. Their website also lacked a consistent “voice” that addressed the organizations core mission, competitive advantages, or verbiage for marketing purposes. JNS Next kicked off the process through developing a modified brand platform which helped define their brand promise and core services, content development, and design/development of a modern, professional, and mobile friendly website.

The new, secure website was developed on a WordPress platform and designed to be more user and mobile friendly. The content and user flow was restructured to make it easier to locate vital information. The JNS Next team implemented foundational Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to help the website be found by more users searching for their services.

After the website was launched, JNS Next continued adding new content to the website with an ongoing Blogging strategy, addressing topics related to SIS’s industry, researched, wrote and published articles multiple times per month. This helped the new website get more established and increase their SEO.

The new website saw and increase of 78.21% new users, almost 65% more sessions and nearly 32% more pageviews year over year.


A year after the website was launched, it continues to improve and drive more website visitors. Post launch after a year over year comparison, the website saw 77.31% more Users, 78.21% more New Users, 64.61% more Sessions, and 31.72% more pageviews in 2020 vs 2019. The client is extremely happy with their new website which continues to grow its audience base.

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